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  • The Telegraph

    "A fitting tribute to this musical legend."

    "An outstanding performance from Katherine Kingsley."

    "Kingsley makes Dusty's music - and Dusty herself - soar."

    "Full of rousing and exquisite music."

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  • The Times

    "Katherine Kingsley's dazzles you as Dusty Springfield. Her portrayal has scintillating flair"

    "Katherine Kingsley's starring performance is a triumph. She is ablaze with charisma"

    "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself - It's spine-tingling magic"

    "The Look of Love is simply sublime"

    "Tim Jackson's high-energy choreography whizzes pleasurably through the decades"

    "Kingsley is magnificent"

  • The Bath Magazine

    "A beautifully-constructed, shimmering celebration of the life (and up-close-and-personal insight into the complex personality) of the woman who transformed both herself and the British/US music scene."

    "Katherine Kingsley is utterly astounding as Dusty.

    "Dusty really is a triumphant musical, in more ways than one."

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