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  • The Telegraph

    "A fitting tribute to this musical legend"

    "An outstanding performance from Katherine Kingsley"

    "Kingsley makes Dusty's music - and Dusty herself - soar"

    "Full of rousing and exquisite music"


    The Times

    "Katherine Kingsley dazzles you as Dusty Springfield. Her portrayal has scintillating flair"

    "Katherine Kingsley's starring performance is a triumph. She is ablaze with charisma"

    "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself - It's spine-tingling magic"

    "The Look of Love is simply sublime"

    "Tim Jackson's high-energy choreography whizzes pleasurably through the decades"

    "Kingsley is magnificent"


    The Observer

    "Katherine Kingsley is a glorious star!"



    "Dusty weaves a great artist's body of work into the threads of an all-too-human life"

    "Springfield would have approved of its crowd-pleasing charm"



    "Dusty is in the room with us!"


  • The Bath Magazine

    "A beautifully-constructed, shimmering celebration of the life (and up-close-and-personal insight into the complex personality) of the woman who transformed both herself and the British/US music scene"

    "Katherine Kingsley is utterly astounding as Dusty"

    "Dusty really is a triumphant musical, in more ways than one"


    Gazette and Herald

    "Writer Jonathan Harvey pulls no punches in revealing the woman behind the voice. It has compassion, yes, but also searing honesty"

    "You won't see a better musical than this for a long time"


    Swindon Advertiser

    "Full of imagination, cheek and pizazz, this confident and polished new musical breathes new life into the songs of yesteryear. Not just for fans of the icon"

    "Dusty is so much more than a biographic tribute show, and Kingsley brings passion, subtlety, self-hatred, wicked humour and desperation to this complex woman"


  • NWE

    "Harvey and Friedman have gifted the stage with the next big thing in musical theatre. It left me with tears in my eyes and wanting to go back again"


    The Star

    "Katherine Kingsley is simply astounding"


    The Gay UK

    "Katherine Kingsley is quite simply outstanding and Harvey's script is warm and instantly accessible"


    Rotherham Advertiser

    "If 'I Close My Eyes' it's hard to believe that Dusty's not there, such is the power and emotion of KINGSLEY's voice"

    Dusty pulls no punches in a worthy tribute to the legacy of a singer now influencing a new generation


  • Smooth FM

    "This is SEN-SATIONAL!"



    "DUSTY is mesmerising to watch and Kingsley has a voice that leaves you tingling"


    Chronicle Live

    "Katherine Kingsley wows!"


    Let's Go To The Movies

    "This really is a special show, with powerful moments and delivered in an incredible fashion by Katherine Kingsley who totally blew me away scene after scene"


  • Manchester Evening News

    "An absolute triumph and an absolute must-see for anyone who ever loved Dusty and her music"


    Living Edge

    "An experience that will stay with you. Utterly brilliant storytelling and unforgettable songs. Dusty is a must-see"


    BBC Radio Manchester

    "Katherine Kingsley shines brightly, donning the supersized beehive and belting out Dusty’s hit after hit with electrifying emotion"


    The Reviews Hub

    "Three-time Olivier nominee Katherine Kingsley is transcendent in the lead role"